How to install Safurai

Step-by-step setup guide for the first login and for the other accesses

First Login

Download the VS Code extension from this link:

You can now notice the Safurai icon in the left sidebar (in this phase maybe you need to reload VS Code)

By clicking on the Safurai icon and then opening the extension, you need to click on "SIGN IN" to log in with your simple email (no registration)

After entering the email, you will receive an email from our team in a few seconds

After verifying the email, you will have to choose your version of VS Code ("Regular" is the classic and most used version)

Be careful: after clicking a pop-up it should take you back to the VS Code application, check that your browser does not block the pop-up

Great! Now Safurai is perfectly configured, you will find these items in the interface

Other Accesses

If you open Visual Studio Code and you are already logged in, generally Safurai in a few seconds displays the correct UI.


Users have reported that sometimes the upload gets stuck on this screen

To fix this, in the left sidebar just switch the Safurai Tab with another one and then go back to Safurai

(This generally happens when your computer is almost out of RAM)

Thanks for the attention and enjoy Safurai 🥷


Safurai is the AI Code Assistant designed to revolutionize the way you code.

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