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SAFURAI-CSHARP: Harnessing Synthetic Data to improve Language-specific Code LLM

The Greatest C# Code LLM for everyone! Learn more about Safurai-Csharp in this blog and the arXiv Paper.

2023-10-23Leonardo Boiardi

SAFURAI-001: A New Qualitative Approach for Code LLM Evaluation (with arXiv Link)

Check out our first publication on arXiv! We present two new innovations made by Safurai: Safurai-001 Model and GPT4-based MultiParameters.

2023-09-21Leonardo Boiardi

Safurai's Commitment to GDPR and AI Act Compliance

In the digital era, the safety and privacy of data is paramount. At Safurai, we understand this importance and continuously strive to uphold the highest standards in data protection and compliance.

2023-07-11Leonardo Boiardi

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