Safurai for Enterprises

The Best AI Privacy-Focused Coding Assistant for Your Firm's Needs

" It may collect information... "

Empower Devs Protecting Your Data and Privacy

Fully Self-Hosted

All on your servers or virtual private cloud, completely locked down.

Fine Tuning + Knowledge Bases

Train Safurai locally to provide your developers with the best suggestions.

It's simple. We give you a Unique Safurai that is kept on a Locked Server.

Let me show you how we collaborated with Coding Moth

Results after using Safurai for 3 months

  • We saved 15% of our time a month per engineer
  • Useful as a starting point for drafting scripts
  • Very good in proposing the code to implement
  • The explanation part of the selected code is very good even with several lines of code
  • Very good in the help for creating unit tests, it proposes the right cases

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Safurai is the AI Code Assistant designed to revolutionize the way you code.

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